What is METALOne

METALOne is a foundry software that allows it to manage the entire process flows (from prototyping and estimation, to technical quality and process data of melting, to active and passive cycle, to production planning, to work account, to logistics, quality control, administration and management control). Through MetalOne and SAP Business One, you can manage your strategic decisions promptly, increasing margins and performance, thanks to an effective and stringent control of every single process.

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METALOne.. Who is it for?

METALOne is the specialist solution for ferrous, non-ferrous, gravity, low pressure and die-casting foundries. Particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that need a business solution characterized by full integration and contained costs.

About Us

Many Italian foundries have decided to introduce MetalOne in their company yo improve and simplify their management process. Below are some testimonies of our software impact.